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Student Life

Balanced learning develops well-rounded graduates

Every young person deserves an education that values and cultivates all aspects of their intellectual, physical, social, ethical and emotional self.

Learning cooperation and competition through athletics

At Park Century, after school athletics teams are open to students in grades 5–8. After school sports can include flag football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and track & field. Our teams strive to be competitive, but also foster individual development of skills and strategies in a fun and supportive environment. We have a fully inclusive athletics program—there are no “cuts” based on ability. Any student who regularly attends practice, is respectful of their teammates and coaches, and demonstrates a cooperative attitude in school is considered an integral and meaningful part of the team. Our student athletes learn the values of commitment, hard work, competition, and teamwork.

In our society as a whole, there is a need for love and compassion for everybody. This school does that.
Physical Education in the gym

Raising compassionate humans

The Panther Way

Kindness. Respect. Responsibility. Cooperation. Honestly. Resilience.

We infuse character education into academic and social settings throughout each student’s experience through our signature values framework, the Panther Way. Students develop perspective to become caring, responsible, and engaged citizens who understand the world, and develop skills to become conscientious young adults.

Service learning

We encourage students to become active community members who share a responsibility with the world around them and can build awareness and work together to achieve larger common goals. Students participate in a variety of community engagement and service endeavors throughout the year.

students in the hallway

Student Council

Park Century’s Student Council provides leadership training opportunities for students who are interested in governance. The council addresses school issues, classroom needs, and student-led initiatives. Members understand they represent the voice of their fellow classmates and take on projects that address needs for the betterment of the school. Student council members act as conscious student role models who pledge to practice the Panther Way: Kindness, Respect, Responsibility, Cooperation, Honesty, and Resilience.

8th Grade Buddies

8th graders pair up with 2nd and 3rd grade students in buddies to introduce younger students to Park Century culture, provide advice and mentorship, build trusting relationships, and strengthen our community bond. The buddy program also gives older students the opportunity for hands-on involvement in shaping our future. Buddies meet weekly to play games, get to know each other in one-to-one interviews, provide academic support, and help with team-oriented projects.

Panther Packs

Panther Packs are comprised of students from each grade level who meet monthly to focus on one of the six character traits of the Panther Way: Kindness, Respect, Responsibility, Cooperation, Honesty, and Resilience. A Panther trait is paired with a service learning or community building project like Earth Day activities on the theme “Responsibility.” Students build a sense of school community and enhance character education and parents are encouraged to find ways to foster the Panther Way traits outside of school hours to create a common language and values system between home and school.

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We came to PCS after a heartbreaking first grade year and a challenging year of homeschooling. After just a brief time at PCS, we saw glimpses of our boy's curious personality and sense of humor peek out from the debris of sadness and disappointment. He is now a happy and engaged middle-schooler with a positive sense-of-self. PCS provided the environment for his transformation.
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