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Testing and

The world of testing and evaluations can be complex and might feel intimidating. We are here to help guide and inform you through the process. Please bear in mind that a neuropsychological evaluation is required to apply for Grades 2–8. Read on for details on neuro-psychs and 
other testing.


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Our approach is centered on creating an inclusive educational environment, we accommodate our instruction to the needs, readiness levels, and abilities of all our learners. We aim to eliminate barriers in the learning process by creating flexible classroom environments wherein Information is presented in multiple ways, students engage in learning in various ways, and students demonstrate their learning through an assortment of alternative assessments.

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Accommodations vs. Modifications

You’ve likely heard the terms “accommodation” and “modification.”  While they sound similar, they serve different purposes.

Accommodations provide different ways for students to learn information or communicate their knowledge. The changes basically do not alter or lower the standards or expectations for a subject or a test. Modifications are changes in the content or instructional level of subject matter or tests. They result in changing expectations and creating a different standard.


Change how a student learns the material that is being taught


Change what a student is taught or expected to learn.

Testing Accommodations Resources

Educational Records Bureau (ERB)
The Educational Records Bureau produces and administers standardized tests that assess student skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. Under the ERB umbrella, the Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE), administered to students in grades 2-12, is widely used in independent schools nationwide. The ERB will arrange test administration that accommodates students who have documented physical challenges or learning differences.

The College Board
The College Board site provides information for high school-age students, parents, and educators regarding PSAT, NMSQT, SAT, and AP testing. It also offers information about eligibility, documentation, and the types of accommodations available and provides a link for obtaining forms.

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