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Annual Fund

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What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is the first and foremost fundraising effort of Park Century School. It enables us to provide a unique and comprehensive education for each student at Park Century School. The beneficiaries of the funds raised through the Annual Fund are this year’s students.

Every year, the School seeks 100% participation from all current parents, faculty and staff, and trustees. We also seek support from the entire PCS community including alumni families, alumni, and grandparents. Every gift is important because it is a gift of participation, which signals community support and helps in asking for charitable support from philanthropic organizations.

Gifts to the Annual Fund have an immediate impact on the day-to-day vibrancy of PCS. The Annual Fund helps pay for immediate operating expenses, which include:

  • New curriculum initiatives

  • Financial aid

  • Technology maintenance and upgrades

  • Supplies and books

  • Supplies for the library, classrooms, athletics, and the arts

  • Ability to attract and retain a talented and committed faculty

  • Faculty salaries and professional development opportunities

Thank you to all of our community members who gave to the 2019-2020 Annual Fund. Despite an interruption to our school year due to COVID-19, the Annual Fund still surpassed its goal, raising $378,116, with 100% participation from faculty, staff, and trustees, and 86% participation from our parents.

2020-2021 Annual Fund Goals:

  • 100% Participation from our Current Parents, Faculty & Staff, and Trustees 

Frequently asked questions

Why do we ask parents to make a donation on top of paying tuition?

Like most independent schools, Park Century relies on a combination of tuition, Annual Fund gifts, and a few other revenue streams to cover annual operating costs.

What, exactly, does the Annual Fund provide for Park Century School?

Since Annual Fund gifts supplement the school’s annual operating budget, the majority of your gifts support faculty compensation and financial aid combined. Additional enhancements provided by the Annual Fund include:

  1. iPads, increased technology, specialized software
  2. Library and Science enhancements
  3. Professional development for faculty and staff
  4. Support of performing arts programs

Why is 100% participation so important?

It is important that you, as a parent, believe in the education your child is receiving at Park Century; your gift is a vote of confidence and a sign that you support our mission. Also, a high participation rate inspires independent donors to give generously and private Foundations consider parent participation rates when considering making a grant to the school.