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Welcome to Park Century School!

From the first time you set foot in Park Century School, you notice its positive transformative nature.  When families arrive, they have usually weathered frustrating and often traumatic experiences in other educational settings. Here at Park Century, children in K-8 encounter a community of professionals who understand and are committed to providing them with tools to build a foundation for lifelong learning and achievement. Our staff is dedicated to educating the whole child by providing individualized and strategic programs that challenge, nurture, and support academic, social, and personal growth. 


Park Century students typically have language-based learning issues. Most commonly, our students are diagnosed with dyslexia and, often, ADHD. For these and other learning differences, each child has a team of teachers who customize a program to their individual needs and strengths.  These teachers also provide emotional support, which, in turn, fosters a healthy self-image in our students, empowering them to become advocates for their own education and active participants in their learning as they mature.

Park Century also provides support for the family. Our Parents Association, Parent Education program, and “Sibs Group” (a program for siblings of Park Century students) support our families in understanding the academic and emotional growth of their children and how that relates to the family as a whole.

Not only is Park Century an outstanding LD program, but in 2015, the School received its CAIS accreditation.  Park Century students are not defined by their learning differences, and neither is their education.  Our school provides an all-encompassing and well-rounded program beyond our traditional academic classes.  Students engage in a unique art program that focuses on real life applications of art fused with topical social issues, an exceptional science program that spans curriculum from biology lab dissections to robotics, VR, and coding, and Super Shop, STEAM, and technology programs. Our students are creative thinkers, award-winning speakers, talented athletes, gifted artists, imaginative scientists who get to work with technology that most schools still dream about, and most importantly, good, caring people.

When children leave Park Century School, they know that learning differently does not define who they are.  They see themselves as bright, out-of-the-box thinkers who are resilient self-advocates ready to take on the challenges in an academic high school setting and beyond.

Everyday, we see Park Century’s theme, “An Uncommonly Bright Future”, beaming from the faces of our students who are engaged in learning with creativity, inquiry, and passion.  Come and see the transformation for yourselves!

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