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"Park Century cares deeply and constantly pushes forward to ensure that each dyslexic student there is receiving the specific instruction needed. In its head, Judith Fuller, the school is led by an individual who has the compassion, knowledge, and commitment to dyslexic students to make a positive difference. "
Sally Shaywitz, MD, author of Overcoming Dyslexia

What Our Parents Are Saying About PCS

"A breath of reassuring fresh air ."

"For the family, it's been a really supportive community."

"Common experiences with every family. 
 It's not just a school, it's truly a community."

"Nothing other than fantastic."

"My child is more confident and we found our village."

"I am really happy with the strong sense of community."

"PCS has been fantastic for our child and, by extension, our family."

"We are a new family - and have felt very welcomed."

"The community is like no other.  People care and try a little harder because 
we are all dealing with something."

Artboard 4@3x.png


What Our Students Are Saying About PCS

“You are given the time you need. You are not rushed.”

“All the teachers are so sweet and understanding.”

"The teachers, they could be going to the other schools but they chose here.”

“I couldn’t read before and they gave me the tricks to read.”

“They know how to teach here."

“I can learn here—at my other school I had to cheat.”

"PCS is so creative, they have so many ideas. They look at the whole puzzle to build it, my other school only looked at the pieces. They know how to complete the puzzle.”

"The teachers are all so nice — my other school made me feel dumb and they were very impatient. They are helpful and patient at PCS.”

"They taught me to learn, the tools needed to learn, and to believe in myself.”

Learning differently does not define who you are.
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