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PCS Alum Featured in the LA Times!

In the wake of the recent college admissions scandal, PCS alum Emma Taylor is on the front page of the LA Times speaking out about the grit, determination, and combination of specialized education and valid accommodations that helped her succeed. In the article, Emma describes Park Century as the "biggest light spark" for her education.

In an LA Times front page story, PCS Alum Emma Taylor describes her hard road to success despite struggles with a lifelong learning disability.  The article, which explains how Emma attributes her success to her character, valid accommodations, and specialized and costly education services designed to help her understand how she learns, lends a necessary perspective in the wake of the damage the recent college admissions scandal has done for students actually affected by LDs. We are so proud of Emma for sharing her story and honored that she mentions her time at Park Century as the "biggest light spark" for her education. Read the full article here.

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