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Park Century's 50th Anniversary Logo and Tagline

Park Century unveils a new logo and tagline in commemoration of our 50th year. Dear Friends,As we walk the halls during these first few weeks of the school year, we are struck by the energy and excitement of our students, faculty, and community. The incredible growth Park Century has experienced throughout its rich history is evident in each classroom and group lesson, in the library where 6th graders huddle around a book, in the gym where kids of all ages play together, and on the face of each of our students. There is much to celebrate here, every day.Today, we celebrate the first of many benchmarks commemorating our 50th year- the unveiling of our new logo and tagline: Celebrating 50 Uncommonly Bright Years.

The trees and stars featured in the logo, reminiscent of the front of our building, represent the growth of our school and our students, rooted in a supportive and deeply collaborative community and reaching toward a bright and hopeful future.

You can expect to see the tree in many different forms this year as we roll it out across our website, in our Panther Weekly, on our new Spirit Wear items, and even in physical form in our lobby as you enter our school. As every member of our family adds leaves to our Park Century tree, it, too, will grow to reflect not just the new logo, but also an illustration of the diverse and powerful community we have here.

We will be celebrating Park Century’s birthday in December, and in the meantime, follow us on social media to track the progression of our 50th year and to see our students in action every day.

We look forward to celebrating Park Century’s 50 uncommonly bright years with all of you who have helped us to shine.


Judith Fuller & Jennifer Palmer

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