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Park Century Kicks off the Kids Heart Challenge!

PCS Teams up with the American Heart Association to raise funds for CPR training and critical heart research to help local families with special hearts.

Kids Heart Challenge Kickoff Assembly - Wednesday, January 29th

Parents are welcome to join us and learn about the program! 2:20 (Courtney, Kellie, Meryl, and Audrey) 2:50 (Adelina, Ms. Lennon, Kristy, Kyle, and Nora)

Our school is getting ready to kick off the Kids Heart Challenge with the American Heart Association to start a healthy 2020!  This community service program teaches our students how to have HAPPY and HEALTHY hearts, challenging them to make a health pledge online (to MOVE MORE, BE KIND, and BE READY for school each day) and encouraging students to raise lifesaving donations to help fund CPR trainings and critical research that helps local families with special hearts. You can get a jump start by registering online today! Download the FREE App called Kids Heart Challenge, or visit to get started.  Just for taking the challenge, your child will earn the FREE Kids Heart Challenge wristband, which we want everyone in the school to have!

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