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How to Apply

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Required Admissions Forms

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We are currently accepting applications for the 2023-24 school year.  Please contact Cindy Goodman, our Director of Admission, at:     

Park Century School has a selective admissions process. Our goal is to determine the best fit for your child.  Neuropsychological testing is an important part of the admissions process and will guide you in your journey to finding the best educational placement for your child.  

Park Century School offers rolling admissions with no application deadline. Placements are made based on available space once it has been determined that your child is a match for PCS’ expertise and curriculum. Park Century School does not discriminate based of race, sex, color, creed, or national origin. 

Admissions Process

Step 1: Inquiry

The admissions process begins with an inquiry via our website online inquiry.  You will be contacted by our Director of Admission, Cindy Goodman to determine next steps.

Step 2: Tour

Following your inquiry, if determined appropriate, a school tour with the Director of Admission will be scheduled. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to hear more about the school's history, philosophy, mission, and programs. You will have a chance to see students in classrooms and learn about next steps in the admissions process. 


Step 3: Application Submission

The next step is the submission of an application for admission with the following required materials:


  • Complete psychoeducational or neuropsychological reports and test results, including a Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC V).  This testing must be current within the past three years.   

  • Alternatively, if you do not have a psychoeducational or neuropsychological report, you may submit a current IEP along with the psychoeducational testing that was done either when the IEP was initiated or when your child had their most recent triennial review. If a WISC-V was not administered as part of the testing, you might be required to have one done as part of the admissions process.  

  • Relevant medical information.

  • Educational records and reports.

  • Other pertinent information includes school district IEPs (if applicable), speech and language evaluations, tutoring reports, and optometric reports.

  • Recommendation Forms.

  • $220 Application Fee.

Online Application Link

Step 4: Student Interview and Tour

The Admissions Team reviews the materials and, if determined appropriate, will proceed with scheduling an informal student interview with the Director of Admission, Dean of Students, and possibly the School Counselor. The parents will join the student for this portion of the admission process. This is an opportunity for the PCS Admissions Team to get to know the student and for the student to become familiar with the campus.

Step 5: Student Shadow Visit

Following the interview, if determined appropriate, students may be invited back to Park Century for a shadow visit. A shadow visit is an opportunity for prospective students to spend the day at Park Century and experience firsthand what it's like to be a Panther. Shadow students are paired with a buddy who will guide them throughout the day. The shadow day allows teachers to learn more about prospective students and provide feedback to the Admissions Team. A reading assessment with one of our specialists may occur during the shadow visit. Special care is taken to ease anxiety and create a welcoming atmosphere for all of our visiting students. 


At this time, it will be important to ensure all additional forms required for admission have been sent to all parties to complete and return directly to Park Century School.  Recommendation Forms will only be accepted if sent directly from the provider to Park Century School. These forms are both embedded in the application and can be found on our website under the admissions tab. 

Step 6: Admissions Team Review

Once the student has completed all portions of the admissions process and all required forms have been received by Park Century School, the Admissions Team will meet to review the file. During this meeting, the team will discuss if Park Century has an appropriate program plan to fit the student’s individual needs.  

Step 7: Final Parent Admissions Meeting

Finally, a phone call or virtual meeting is scheduled between the parents and the Director of Admission to discuss the outcome of the admission process. If an enrollment contract is to be extended, the Director of Admission will go through the enrollment process with the family during that call. Students are accepted at Park Century on a rolling basis, as space permits, and therefore can start at Park Century at various points throughout the school year.  

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