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COVID-19 Relief Fund

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COVID-19 Relief - A Note from Judith Fuller and Jennifer Palmer

Dear PCS Community,

Since the COVID-19 crisis unfolded in March, our students, parents, faculty, and staff alike have adapted and rallied to respond to new ways of learning.  The Park Century family always bands together in times of crisis, and never have we appreciated this community spirit more than in these past few months. It is in this spirit that we ask you to consider lending support in a new way as well.


Park Century School has begun fundraising to assist our community in a variety of ways. With your assistance, these funds will help alleviate the financial strains brought on by COVID-19 by providing emergency tuition assistance for some of our families who are struggling, supporting upgrades of technology needed to enhance our remote learning program, funding additional training and professional development that allows our educators to stay at the forefront of virtual instruction, and giving us the ability to respond to broader needs as they may arise. 


We understand that some families may simply not be in a position to make a charitable gift at this time. However, if you are able to make a gift, please consider a donation to our School. Donations can be made here.  


The phrase “We are all in this together,” has become a rallying cry globally.  Locally, it has always been a Park Century credo. We heartily thank you for considering this next way to be “all in”  for this community of uncommonly bright students and their families.

With warm regards and gratitude,


Judith Fuller

Head of School

Jennifer Palmer

Chief Operating Officer

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