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Park Century School’s after school athletics teams are open to our 5th through 8th graders. After school sports include flag football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and track & field. Our teams strive to be competitive, but also foster individual development of skills and strategies in a fun and supportive environment. We have a fully inclusive athletics program – there are no “cuts” based on ability. Any student who regularly attends practice, is respectful of their teammates and coaches, and demonstrates a cooperative attitude in school is considered an integral and meaningful part of the team.

Our student athletes learn the values of commitment, hard work, competition, and teamwork - values that will carry over into their academics and beyond.


Fall 2021

  • 6th-8th Girls Volleyball

  • 4th-6th Cheer Squad

Winter 2021

  • 5th/6th Boys Basketball

  • 7th/8th Boys Basketball

Spring 2022

  • 4th-6th Co-ed Soccer

  • 7th/8th Boys Volleyball

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