Technology Program


Park Century‚Äôs technology program fosters the practice of embracing digital media in both academic and extracurricular pursuits.  The correct application of technology in education increases student motivation and language acquisition while enhancing learning by opening up students to a wide range of visual and auditory experiences. All students have devices, such as Chromebooks, integrated into their curriculum in order to promote independence, advocacy, and strong work ethic.  Technology is encouraged and supported by the faculty as a medium for expression, reflection, and research in all aspects of Park Century life. Our technology program also allows our educators to approach lessons with multiple modalities and provide authenticity to what is studied in the classroom.

The main focus of the Technology Program hones student skills in:

  • Flexibility and adaptability in order to keep pace with the constantly changing technological landscape. 
  • Combining multiple programs for school use and maximizing efficacy in projects and assignments.
  • Evaluating to determine which technologies best suit learning style and academics.
  • Teamwork and cooperation in using technology together to assist each other in achieving an outcome.