Super Shop and Makerspace Program

Super Shop and Makerspace provide a hands-on, creative way to encourage students to design, experiment, build, and invent as they deeply engage in science, engineering, and the arts. Class projects are typically based on social studies units. Students  have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience through woodworking, robotics, 3D printing, and project assembly.


  • Organization
    • Develop a habit of keeping a clean work space and putting tools in the proper location
  • Tools
    • Introduction and use of a variety of hand and power tools along with demonstration
  • Safety
    • Introduction to safety in practice every class meeting
    • Understanding the importance of safety in a workshop environment
  • Project Construction
    • Understanding the elements of drafting and design
    • Attention to project detail
  • Fine Motor Skills
    • Enhanced and refined fine motor skills throughout projects
  • Creative Expression
    • Build confidence and personal pride in projects completed
    • Foster creativity in individualized projects
    • Develop an appreciation for craftsmanship