Upper School Program (Grades 6-8)

The upper school science program continues encouraging curiosity about the natural world while formalizing the structure of the class to include more evidence collecting, record keeping, and argumentation. Students use science textbook curriculum as a foundation to explore current events and develop their understanding of science concepts.  All upper school classes start the year with a “Methods of Science” unit to learn about scientific inquiry. 


6th grade science

  • Exploring Earth
    • Mapping Earth
    • Earth in Space
    • Our Planet: Earth
    • Earth’s Dynamic Surface
  • Natural Resources
  • Dissection: Cow eyeball
  • 6th grade science field trip: Astrocamp

7th grade science

  • Exploring Life
    • Life’s Classification and Structure
    • Inheritance and Adaptations
    • Introduction to Plants
    • Introduction to Animals
    • Introduction to Life
  • Dissection: Pig heart
  • 7th grade science field trip: CIMI


8th grade science

  • Understanding Matter
    • Matter and Atoms
    • Matter: Properties and Changes
  • Understanding Energy
    • Energy and Energy Transformations
    • Waves, Light, and Sound
    • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Human Evolution 
    • Human Characteristics
    • Brain Development
    • Our Relatives and Ancestors
  • Dissection: Sheep brain


Upper school students also complete a robotics or coding unit with a project or challenge that they share with the school.