Lower School Program (Grades 2-5)

The lower school science program provides many opportunities for students to practice using scientific inquiry while learning about the natural world.  The curriculum is designed around a program called Mystery Science.  Each lesson includes a big question, a hands-on activity, a science video or demonstration, and group discussion. Students are guided through the process of observation, experimentation, and reflection in every lesson. The year begins with a lesson called, “How do Scientists do Science?” to introduce the process of scientific inquiry.


Courtney’s class

  • Power of Flowers (plant life cycle and heredity)
  • Animals through Time (animal survival and heredity)
  • Stormy Skies (weather and climate)
  • Invisible Forces (forces, motion, and magnets)
  • Dissection: Owl pellets


Kellie’s class

  • The Birth of Rocks (rock cycle and Earth’s processes)
  • Energizing Everything (energy, motion, and electricity)
  • Human Machine (human body, senses, and the brain)
  • Waves of Sound (sound, waves, and communication)
  • Dissection: Giant grasshopper


Meryl’s and Audrey’s classes

  • Spaceship Earth (sun, moon, stars, and planets)
  • Web of Life (ecosystems and the food web)
  • Chemical Magic (chemical reactions and properties of matter)
  • Watery Planet (water cycle and Earth’s systems)
  • Dissection: Squid


Coding and Robotics: All students participate in a fun and interesting coding or robotics project each year. Courtney’s and Kellie’s classes learn basic coding logic on the Scratch Jr. app as well as with Ozobot robots. Meryl’s and Audrey’s classes participate in an 8-week global coding program called Level Up Village.