The science program at Park Century School is a comprehensive program for all students that covers a variety of interesting topics including life science, chemistry, physical science, and earth and space science.  In addition to exploring the fascinating body of human scientific knowledge, students are also given the opportunity to learn like a scientist by testing hypotheses, gathering evidence, collecting data and drawing conclusions.  Classes rotate through a variety of topics each year, ensuring that students gain a firm grasp of science by 8th grade. Each Park Century student is prepared for a high school science program, armed with a real love of the scientific process and an understanding of the discipline needed for proper lab procedures. 



Goals of the Science Program

    ·  A broad exposure to many interesting science topics

    ·  Lab safety and proper lab procedures

    ·  An emotional response to science (Yuck! Wow! Awesome!)

    ·  Using the scientific method to answer questions

    ·  An emphasis on technology and coding

    ·  Relating classroom topics to current events

    ·  Lifelong skills including inquiry, careful analysis and research

    ·  Becoming familiar with the engineering design process

    ·  Respect for science


Our science lab represents our commitment to leading edge education and technology. An evolving and flexible learning environment, it includes a Smart Wall, combining  digital interactivity and a beautiful, crisp display, as well as an oversized dry erase surface for big ideas and collaboration. The lab also acts as a makerspace, where hands-on learning with real materials builds problem-solving skills and a kinesthetic experience that compliments the latest technology resources and virtual demonstrations.