The reading program at Park Century School is a dynamic process facilitated by experienced teachers who know how to adapt and adjust the program for individual students based on research, education, and informal observations. Instruction is based on a student’s strengths, weaknesses, and an understanding of their learning styles. This is especially important when teaching students with learning differences.
Park Century's reading specialists do not use any one program because a particular method does not work for all students, may only work for a given time span, or may work better in conjunction with another approach. Our specialists have been trained in a variety of approaches and programs so that they can continually adapt and adjust a student’s instruction as needed. 
Our learning model is flexible. Students have the opportunity to work individually, in a pair, or in a small group according to their individual learning needs and abilities. The reading program contains many components, including decoding, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, written expression, and literature analysis.  Throughout the program, reading specialists collaborate with other faculty members, including the classroom teachers and speech and language therapists.
Students may access grade level, above grade level, or below grade level titles. However, other titles are used depending on the needs, interests, and ability level of each student. In addition to the books on our recommended book list, specialists consult with our school librarian to make appropriate book choices and to offer material that goes along with topics the students are studying in the classroom.