Physical Education

Park Century's physical education program emphasizes sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation, and respect. Our daily program provides a dynamic and encouraging environment that incorporates different elements of age-appropriate physical activity and instruction to help develop each student’s commitment to life-long health and willingness to push beyond their own expectations. All students, regardless of their athletic skills, benefit from the wide array of activities offered in class and the various opportunities to participate.

The gym is considered an extension of the classroom where students are encouraged to persevere, develop resilience, and support one another’s efforts. Students are grouped based on age, grade, social development, and skill level. Rather than being competitive, Park Century School's PE program focuses on fostering each student's self-confidence through improving their coordination, developing their spatial awareness, and promoting an understanding of rules and strategies. Most importantly, our students participate in sports activities with their peers in a safe, consistent, and supportive atmosphere.

Lower School (grades 2nd – 5th)

Lower School students focus on the acquisition of skills and the ongoing practice of those skills necessary for successful participation in both neighborhood play situations and team sports. Improving gross and fine motor skills, strength and conditioning, and spatial awareness are important parts of our program at this level. In addition, our program develops fundamental skills such as (but not limited to) catching, throwing, running, stretching, and following directions in a variety of activities. Students are also provided direct instruction on how to participate more effectively in such sports as baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. At the beginning of the year, a good deal of time is devoted to reviewing and learning the skills needed to play cooperatively without feeling intimidated by the physical interactions that occur in group sports. Students learn to apply their skills incrementally while improving their sportsmanship, team cooperation, and level of understanding of these specific sports’ rules.

Upper School (grades 6th – 8th)

The Upper School P.E. program builds upon the Lower School curriculum with even more emphasis on the importance of cooperative team participation and sportsmanship. Upper School students focus on age-appropriate skill acquisition, concepts, rules, and strategies. They then practice incorporating their knowledge via drills, cooperative activities, creative games, and scrimmages that lead up to game play. Throughout the week, different running activities are integrated into each student's daily warm-up as part of their overall cardiovascular conditioning. Time is also spent teaching students how to win and lose while demonstrating integrity, empathy, and maturity.