Mission Statement

Park Century School empowers bright children with learning differences to reach their academic and personal potential. Students flourish within our individualized, evidence-based curriculum and supportive environment. In collaboration with their families, the school inspires students to develop into resilient self-advocates and builds a foundation for lifelong achievement.


Education Philosophy 

The guiding philosophy of Park Century School is based on the conviction that learning differences are lifelong challenges that affect all aspects of a child and family. All children with learning differences need educational, emotional, and social assistance. Many also must have help with attention, organization, memory, language, and perceptual-motor function. Simultaneously, their families may be overwhelmed and exhausted by psychological stress, economic burdens, and confusion about the future. These conditions require a broad spectrum of therapeutic and educational interventions.


Park Century’s experience with learning differences has fostered a unique concept of the role of the school and the teacher. The school must function as a comprehensive center assuming responsibility for evaluating and meeting the ever-changing needs of a child and family.


Under the guidance of the Head of School and Deans, the expanded responsibilities of the classroom teacher include serving as the central therapeutic person in each child’s school program. Accordingly, Park Century School is committed to preserving its ability to attract and retain a dedicated and highly qualified professional faculty and to ensure its continuing professional development in a manner consistent with the school’s mission and philosophy.


Personal contact with consultants, ongoing in-service training, continuous administrative support, and clinical supervision enable teachers to serve as classroom clinicians and parental advisors as well as educational specialists. With the guidance of the Head of School, Deans, School Counselor, and Professional Advisory Board, every effort is made to integrate the latest special educational research results into school programs.