Library Curriculum

In library classes, students share fun, informative, engaging books that encourage them to enjoy literature and become enthusiastic lifelong readers. To ensure that students are effective users and creators, the library classroom empowers them to be critical thinkers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information.


In the fall, all classes review general library skills such as library rules, how to find appropriate books, and how to care for books. Students also cover the different genres of children's literature. For students in grades 6-8, classes complete more in-depth lessons on the Dewey Decimal System, research, and digital citizenship skills.


Throughout the year, the library continues to support classroom curriculum by collaborating with teachers on country projects, research on various historical times, or biographical information. Our library classroom also guides the use of technology to help reinforce information, utilizing websites such as Kahoots, Epic, ParaPara, MakeComics, and StoryTimefromSpace. Notable library projects include making graphic novels based on literary genres, sharing presentations or plays adapted from books during the all-school Monday Morning Assembly, and sharing student poetry.


The library program incorporates Council and Mindfulness into discussions of books or information shared during library time. Our librarian also integrates literature from diverse cultures, selecting books from Hispanic/Latino, African American, women, American Indian, Asian, and Jewish writers. Library classes traverse literature through worlds of artists, writers, poets, scientists, innovators, space travelers, and other fantastical voyagers who have made impressions like pathways throughout our imaginations.