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  • 00:42 January 4- January 15: Team Handball

    Team handball is described in this video my our 8th graders, Felix and Carson. We will be playing this fun and exciting sport for the next two weeks. It is a great team sport to play on our full basketball court. It involves running, communication, throwing and catching, and incorporates passing to all of the team players. The 2nd and 3rd grade class is playing four square, which is a combination of baseball and basketball.

    Uploaded Jan 08, 2016
  • 00:34 November 2- November 13: Wallball

    Since November 2nd, we have been playing Wallball, a game similar to kickball. Every student gets a chance to kick and run to the opposite side of the gym before getting tagged out by the ball. Some students also have the opportunity to be a pitcher or catcher. This unit helps practice hand- eye coordination, conditioning, and communication with team mates.

    Sienna Safari and Ryan Brazier from Meryl's class explain how to play Wallball.

    Uploaded Nov 10, 2015