Park Century School

Building Uncommonly Bright Futures


It is a common theme for parents who first visit Park Century to discuss the often-traumatic experiences of their children in school. Such feelings ripple through families and leave everyone affected. Our common theme for families that have joined our community is one of great relief. For the first time, students find teachers who “get” them. Students realize that there are other approaches, and very effective ones, that lead them down the path to a first-rate education.


A Park Century student typically has language-based learning issues most commonly defined as dyslexia, and often ADHD is part of the diagnosis. Here students find themselves in a culture that supports them academically and emotionally. Academically they find progress with teachers who can customize a program to their needs and strengths. Emotionally they can be supported as maturing young people who now see themselves as more self-assured and active participants in their learning.


Park Century also serves as a great support for the family. Our Parent Association, partnering with our Parent Education program, supports all of our families in understanding the growth of their children and how that relates to the family as a whole.


Our school would be under-serving its students if it were so narrowly defining their education as one that only focuses on learning issues. By any definition, you will find Park Century to be a great school. Beyond our traditional academic strengths, you will find our arts rich and unique, the sciences exceptional and the technology programs cutting-edge. Our students are known for being creative thinkers, award-winning speakers, strong athletes, stand-out artists, imaginative scientists gifted in technology that most schools still dream about and, most importantly, good caring people. It is our philosophy that a Park Century education must stand up to the education of any quality independent school nation-wide.


For generations, a Park Century education has lifted terrific young men and women into wonderful fulfilling careers. Our reputation across the country is that of a successful college-track liberal arts path for students whose great gifts went unappreciated for far too long but are now recognized and nurtured.


I hope you will visit soon. Seeing our students in action will remind you of our theme: “An Uncommonly Bright Future”. It does for me each and every day.


All my best,

Douglas E. Phelps

Head of School