The Park Century School Library is the heart of the school, the place where students can be inspired, be curious, and be creators. Through the availability of resources students will find riveting, the Park Century School library works to inspire students with books and information so diverse and so fascinating that a love of reading and learning is bound to be fostered. Our library encourages curiosity by teaching research skills, providing high quality resources and publications alongside with the training and support of how to evaluate sources and content. The Park Century School Library also supports students when it is their turn to create. From guiding students through the intricacies of digital citizenship, copyright issues and proper citation, our school library is essential for grounding the creative and writing process in proper practices, allowing the student's work to shine.


The PCS library houses approximately 5,000 unique titles of elementary, middle grade, and young adult reading materials, with books and electronic resources suiting early emergent readers to the highly fluent. The collection is roughly divided into half fiction and half non-fiction. The collection serves our diverse student population well, with an emphasis on print-based literature and non-fiction written in formats and language suiting a broad realm of reading levels and interests.