Technology Program

Park Century School’s Technology Program is based on access to iPads, classroom desktop computers, and laptop computers. Studies have shown how the correct application of technology in education increases student motivation, language acquisition, and enhances learning by opening up students to a wide range of visual and auditory experiences that they would not receive otherwise. Technology allows educators to approach lessons with multiple modalities and provide authenticity to what is studied in the classroom. 


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Students receive instruction on keyboarding skills and general computer literacy as either small classroom groups, or individual instruction, depending on individual student needs.


The main focus of the Technology Program includes honing skills for:


  1. Flexibility and adaptability in order to keep pace with the constantly changing technological landscape. 
  1. Combining multiple programs for school use and maximizing their efficacy in projects and assignments.
  1. Evaluation to determine which technologies best suit their learning style and academics.
  1. Teamwork and cooperation in using technology together to assist each other in achieving an outcome.


Aspects of our Technology Program can be found in every classroom. Every member of the faculty is instrumental in implementing curriculum that reinforces the goals of the Technology Program.


Some examples of technology in the curriculum include:

- Assessing the validity of different types of websites for research purposes

- Website creation

- Utilizing iPad apps and online services to organize a digital notebook for paperless classrooms

- Creating podcasts or audio books with recording software

- Filming and editing short videos to capture a dynamic project

- Interactive iPad apps that reinforce skills learned with Reading and Math Specialists

- Exploring distant locations and landmarks with Google Maps

- Blogging about experiences


PCS is proud to announce the creation of the PCS Foundry, a makerspace which functions as a modern-day woodshop, with technological enhancements. The Foundry houses a Makerbot 3D Printer, a drill press, a mitre saw, and a Full Spectrum Laser Cutter. Along with an assortment of hand tools and electronics, such as Little Bits and Arduinos, this makerspace will be a source of great creativity and ingenuity by the students who use project-based learning to make amazing constructions out of wood, cardboard, and plastics. These projects will augment existing classroom assignments by adding a hands-on component that provides real world design and making experiences.