Paul Jennings Shares His Exceptional Story at IDALA Event

“It pays to see the world differently and not follow the herd.” PCS parent and Trustee Paul Jennings shares his remarkable story at IDALA's Great Minds Don’t Think Alike event honoring him. Though growing up, he didn’t know that he had dyslexia, with the support of his parents and one memorable teacher, he adjusted to the workings of his extraordinary mind and applied his ability to think differently than others to his work. Now a successful entrepreneur and real estate developer, Paul attributes his work ethic and famously contrarian ideas to his learning difference. “It is a disability until you understand it and can take ownership of it,” Paul notes. “At that point, it becomes a difference.” We are so grateful for IDALA and Paul Jennings for the wonderful work they do to spread awareness. #ShareYourStory #DyslexiaAwareness #Dyslexia #DyslexiaAwarenessWeek