Admissions Process

Step 1: Parent Tour
The admissions process begins with a guided tour that includes an overview of the school history, mission, and programs as well as an opportunity for Q&A. Visits are by appointment only. To schedule a tour, please contact our Admissions Department through our online inquiry. Please note, these school tours are for adults only. 
After you have completed the school tour, you can access the online application (see step 2).
Step 2: Application Submission
The next step is the submission of an application along with the following materials:
  • Complete psychoeducational or neuropsychological reports and test results, including a Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC V) administered within the past 12 months.
  • Relevant medical information.
  • Educational records and reports.
  • Other pertinent information such as school district IEPs (if applicable), speech and language evaluations, tutoring reports, and optometric reports.
  • If you have already toured the school, you may click the link below to start the online application.
    Note - Applications submitted without a tour will not be considered.
Step 3: Initial Parent Admission Meeting
The Admissions Team reviews these materials, and depending upon the decision of that review, the Admissions Coordinator arranges an initial meeting for the parents with the Head of School and Admissions Director. Prior to this meeting, it is requested that parents submit Application Part II, which is a developmental history of the child.
Step 4: Student Candidate School Visit
At the conclusion of the Parent Admission Meeting, a time is scheduled for the student candidate to visit the School, meet the Admissions Team, and spend time in a classroom with a student "Buddy". Special care is taken during these visits to reduce anxiety and create a welcoming atmosphere for the visiting student.
Step 5: Parent Admission Meeting
Finally, a meeting is scheduled between the parents, Head of School, and Director of Admissions to discuss an appropriate program plan to fit the student's needs. A decision is then made whether to enroll the student at Park Century School.

Park Century School does not discriminate in its admissions policies because of race, sex, color, creed or national origin.