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Annual Tuition

Tuition for the 2022–2023 school year is $65,453. The required deposit is $13,090.

New Student Fee

All new students accepted into Park Century are assessed a one-time new student fee of $1,000. This fee covers the cost of processing your enrollment application and required assessments and is not part of the tuition cost.

Payment Options

ParkCentury School offers a variety of payment plans to meet our families' needs.

Enrolling families must pay a non-refundable $13,090 deposit by May for the following academic year. The remaining tuition—after applying the enrollment deposit and any tuition assistance (see below for more information about tuition assistance)—is due as follows:

  • Full payment—Remaining balance due in one payment in August 

  • Two payments—Remaining balance due in two payments: one in August and one in December

  • Nine payments—Remaining balance due over nine months beginning in June and ending in February 


Please contact the Business Office should you require additional information regarding tuition and payment options.

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